Become an affiliate

As an affiliate of Klinewatches you become an authorised independent marketer that is eligible to earn commissions on every sale that comes through your referrals. The system is designed such that each affiliate will be issued a unique referral link and when a sale is made through your custom link a percentage of the sold item’s price is paid out ascommission to you. Our unique referral link allows the system to automatically track sales to the respective affiliate. Our system is programmed such that even if your referrals do not place orders on their first visit and then come back directly to our website without using your unique referral link you will still get paid because our website deposit cookies on the devices of visitors in order to identify the devices that visitors use to browse such that a return visitor is easily identified so far he comes back within 90 days before the cookies expire. Another beautiful thing about our system is that as an affiliate you are notified through email whenever a sale is made through your unique referral link.

Benefits of becoming an affiliate of Klinewatches

  • Affiliates are given a unique referral link that enables them to showcase every stock that we have to their prospective clients, this allows them to take ownership
  • In essence as an affiliate you are given the priviledge of running your own multi-million business without any investment or overhead expenses
  • Through our generous commission model, affiliates can make reasonable side income without limits
  • Affiliates have free periodic access to our sought after training on social media and offline marketing
  • Top performing Affiliates will be giving bonuses periodically aside their generated commissions

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